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Microservices : Move Towards Anti-fragility

Nowadays  'microservices' become very high profile buzz word (even becoming fashionable trend in technology).  Hence I want to touch is part as I am also coming from technical background

So What is Microservices ?

If we go with wiki definition , we assign words like loosely coupled, independent business capabilities, to some sense independent modules,  to extent architectural style. Then after we dive more deeper we then start getting words like continues delivery of large complex application. That's it.

More words other than this will become just sugar coating and word battering.

My intention for this topic is to concentrate more on second part that is release cycle of complex application. This is part which is so important that in turn makes your decision whether to move towards microservice architecture.

What is issue with release cycle of Complex application?

Every application becomes complex when a lot of independent team fires their brain on single application without…