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OPEC vs Shale

This picture is almost correct explanation for today's (29-November-2014) three years low oil prize i.e 72$ from 115$.
OPEC (Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries) is group of Oil producing countries and logically they includes Arab countries and some African countries. OPEC provides forum to oil producing countries to lower/increase oil production and oil prizes.In seventies it had dominance of foreign oil companies but later God given sense to Oil  producing countries government and now they have dominance(just to say). Though OPEC decides oil prizes and extraction , but it's acceptance depends on will of it's members.
               Now you will understand that in Seventies Oil Crisis had happened because OPEC countries had put oil supply limited in practical term it is called embargo.So all oil consuming countries mainly US at that time (now position is replaced by India,china) stumbled for oil and their economy had collapsed.In simple term their economy h…

Feast and famine

This article is directly copied from Economist and I like its content and hence I have added in my blog.

MAHARASHTRA, 2010. In a village 130km (80 miles) from Mumbai, the head of a nursery is weighing a child. Four years old, she is just 10kg (22lb), two-thirds of what she should be. More than half the nursery’s charges are below their proper weight (“wasted” in the jargon) or short for their age (“stunted”, a result of years of undernourishment). The children out in the fields are even worse off, the teacher says. And most of their mothers are anaemic. Yet this Indian state is not especially poor.

India has done a miserable job of improving its people’s nutrition—but so has most of the world. In 1974, Henry Kissinger, America’s secretary of state, told the first world food summit that no child would go to bed hungry within ten years. He was miles off. Figures calculated for a follow-up conference show that 162m children under five are stunted. The rate of child wasting has not budged…

Share data between Iframe and its Parent using JQuery

There could be requirement that you have to pass variables values to Iframe from parent or in other scenario you have to pass values from Iframe to its parent.I am going to show simple example of above situation with the help of JQuery.
           Support we have parent HTML page having iframe included like below

<html> <body> <input id="parentValue" type="text" value="I am from Parent !" /> <iframe src="domainurl/relativepath" id="iframe"></iframe> <script> $(document).ready(function() { //code to take value from child iframe var childValue = $("#iframe").contents().find("#childValue").val(); alert(childValue); }); </script> </body> </html> 
        and we have frame code like below
<html> <body> <input id="childValue" type="text" value="I …