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Pipe Dream

When you demarcate the territory blindly to unknown people without understanding their history and society ,then you must have to face consequences and that territory will become Pipe Dream to all of them.

What British had done with their Asian colonies in 1947,till date India, Pakistan and china are facing territorial disputes.Each one claims their territory without consent with others.

Here we are speaking the Pipe dreams of territories which also known as Jammu Kashmir and Arunachal Pradesh regions

This Map present the Current Boundaries for understanding. If we are sitting in country which is not India, Pakistan or China,this image will not beset us.Not at all.

This Map present the China's 
 Official claim.So what ?If you are Indian and residing in Arunachal Pradesh, then may not know this at all. You don't need passport to travel China.Because Chinese official will understand that you are Chinese citizen and from South Tibet part. Oops, Oh my God,I don't know this.

 This Map present the India's Official claim.If you are Pakistani and living in north-west Kashmir region, then good news is that you can enroll of Indian UIDAI (ADHAAR Card). It is unique Identification number given by Indian government to its people.Through which you will get subsidies food,petrol and lot more in future. Because you are part of Indian Jammu and Kashmir State.

This image present the Pakistan's Official claim.If you are Indian and part of Jammu Kashmir State, then you may get zero marks for giving answer to Pakistani friend's Question that "Is India has 29 States?

I have taken map images from ECONOMIST. Use below link to know more.
economist link

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