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Bhagwati Vs Sen : Arvind Panagariya

The ongoing 'Bhagwati versus Sen' debate has generated more heat than light, necessitating correction. As an equal co-author of India's Tryst with Destiny, which defines the Bhagwati position, my stake in the debate is second to none.

Two extreme characterisations of the positions of the two sides have emerged. The first has it that the differences between them are minimal with each side expressing the same ideas in a different language. The second depicts Bhagwati as advocating solely growth and Sen solely social spending. Both characterisations are plain wrong.

Begin with the point on which the two sides agree. We have no disagreement with Sen on the objective. He would like to see poverty, illiteracy, ill health and other deprivations eliminated. We whole-heartedly accept this goal. Indeed, as India's first prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru wrote in The Discovery of India, the 1938 planning committee of the Congress had adopted this very goal for development planning …

Database on which WWW's biggest sites runs

Do you have question in mind that the big site specially social networking sites,where they stores our information?

They stores information in servers in which databases are hosted.Databases are nothing but the tools used to store information in structured form so that it can be analysed.

  Here  the list of big sites along with databases they are using:     -      Hive,Cassandra        -      Mysql,Oracle    -      SQL Server          -      Mysql,Cassandra         -      BigTable     -      Mysql          -      Postgre SQL