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Design Pattern : Reusable OO Design

What is meant by design Pattern?

From Wiki Definition , in software engineering, a design pattern is a general reusable solution to a commonly occurring problem
within a given context in software design.

What is meant by that?

Suppose there is a team of four to five people working on ABC project for their client X.
After successful delivery Client wants some changes to project.
Some changes not a Big Deal.While incorporating that changes team stuck to many problems such as changing some Model Diagram Structure,Some interface,Moving methods of Class,Object creation.
After thinking so much, they have designed Specific template to solve this problem and incorporate it in project.

Then there is another team working on XYZ project for client A.But this team member knows that ABC project team have specific template.With the help of that design this team understood that in futer we may stuck with same problem that earlie team had stuck.
Hence they incorporated the changes.After successful delivery of project Client A send some new changes.But fortunately this changes are similar to that of Client X.
That means project XYZ is already capable of grasping that changes and in a very short time.

Here that Design Template is nothing but the design pattern.

How many design pattern are present?

Mostly categorised into three

1. Creational Design pattern
    Creational pattern helps you to instantiate object

   e.g. Singleton,Prototype,Abstract Factory,factory Method,Builder

2. Structural design pattern
        Structural pattern uses inheritance to compose interfaces and objects to obtain new functionality.

  e.g. Adaptor, Bridge,Composite,Decorator,Proxy,Fa├žade,Flyweight

3. Behavioural Design pattern
     Behavioural pattern concern for communication between objects

 e.g. Mediator,Observer,Strategy,State,Chain Of Responsibility,Command,Iterator,Template Method

When you are coding and future problem, reusability are in mind then you must consider design Patterns.

Thank you


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