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The Rare Earth Elements (REE) or minerals (Scandium and Yttrium...more set of 17 elements) are found in very less amount on the earth that’s why they are called as rare earth elements. No absolutely wrong. It is misnomer. These elements found in massive amount in all rock formation but the actual challenge is to find them and requires high cost for mining and processing of them.
So why we need them? All electronic cars, Turbines, Defence systems, Mobile phones, T.Vs, most of electronic circuit gadgets require them. This 21th century demands them more specially mobile phones.
Now, Today china high monopoly over export of REE and it is almost 97% because their willingness to tolerate low cost and pollution. If china stops mining, all electronic companies will be in crisis.
This is half part. What about remaining 3% export? Interesting part is India controls more than half of export.
What are the locations of Indian reservoirs of REE? Where are they found mostly? Currently India has found reservoirs in Orissa region and some Tamil Nadu, Chhattisgarh regions and some regions where it said that there are reservoirs but government unable to reach them. Because this regions surrounded by NAXALITE community.
At same instance bulb gloves in mind and automatically answer found for Question “Why Naxalite community found in particular regions? What is their demand? Who supports them (chi…)?”

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